About Remedy Energy Services Inc. : Our Ethics

Business Ethics Policy

Our company's reputation for ethical practices is our most valued asset, and will be maintained throughout all of our endeavors. Remedy Energy Services Inc. will maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all of our business dealings.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

All Remedy employees and contractors will comply with all laws and regulations in countries where Remedy conducts business. Remedy Energy Services Inc. will not only comply with all governmental laws, rules and regulations but, where the law is permissive, will choose the path of highest integrity.

Standards of Conduct

All Remedy employees and contractors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner consistent with the company's philosophy, values and standards. Employee integrity and honesty are crucial to ethical business practices as such; all business will be conducted in a truthful and accurate manner. Remedy Energy will not tolerate unlawful or unethical behavior.

Gifts and Entertainment Policy

It is the general policy of Remedy Energy not to accept gifts or entertainment from current or perspective business partners, other than those of a nominal value, that serve a legitimate business purpose, and are a generally accepted business practice. This policy is in place to ensure that we maintain both a real and perceived impartiality in all dealings with our business partners. Remedy Energy Services Inc. employees and contractors will never solicit gifts or entertainment.

Conflicts of Interest

Remedy energy expects its employees and contractors to avoid situations in which personal interest could conflict, or be perceived to conflict, with the interests of Remedy Energy or its Clients. A conflict of interest occurs when involvement in any activity creates, or appears to create, a situation where the ability to act in the best interests of Remedy Energy or its Clients is compromised. Remedy Energy Services Inc. employees and contractors are prohibited from purchasing securities in, or investing in any company that Remedy Energy is conducting business with, based on specific information gained as a result of their employment with Remedy Energy Services Inc.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

At Remedy Energy Services we believe that doing our business in a planned and predictably safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable manner will yield predictably high performance in all our projects and endeavours. Accordingly, as directors of industry activities, we will always work to protect the health and safety or our employees, contractors, coworkers as well as the public and to preserve the environment in the communities where we work. We will:

  • Comply with all relevant legislation and encourage practical modifications to enhance HSE performance
  • Actively support Industry initiatives to improve standards and procedures
  • Plan our work to be executed safely
  • Demonstrate our HSE commitment through our actions and leadership
  • Create and support systems to deliver an outstanding HSE result
  • Strive to continuously improve our HSE performance
  • Consider the HSE commitment and performance of suppliers and contractors when choosing suppliers of materials and services
  • Create and maintain a culture that values open and honest reporting of HSE shortcomings and incidents
  • Ensure our employees and contractors are informed of and share our commitment

We believe that excellence in HSE performance is attainable through the active participation of all employees, affiliates and subcontractors.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

The abuse of alcohol or drugs jeopardizes job safety and performance, as well as the wellbeing of employees. Concern for drug and alcohol abuse extends to all classifications of employees and subcontracted consultants. Individuals abusing alcohol or drugs can create safety hazards for themselves, co-workers and the general public. Errors in judgement made by these individuals can cause a full range of negative effects. The Substance Abuse Testing Program is designed to combat the negative effects of alcohol and drug use in safety sensitive areas. For the purposes of this policy, the following definitions will be used as guidelines to define "Substances":

Drug: Substance used as a medicine or an illicit substance used to alter the state of the body or mind.

Alcohol: Any fluid made by distillation or fermentation, either commercially or privately produced that when ingested, causes sign of or effects of impairment.

Company Business: Is any activity outside of a consultants, employees or subcontractors base of operations either on behalf of Remedy Energy Services Inc or its Clients.

Company Policy

  1. This policy prohibits possession or use of alcohol and/or illicit substances by any Remedy consultant or employee when on Company business or Company premises. More specifically the following acts are prohibited:
    1. Any use, possession, distribution or the offering for sale of illicit drugs (including drug paraphernalia) or unprescribed drugs for which a prescription is legally required.
    2. Any presence in the body of illicit or unprescribed drugs for which a prescription is legally required, or their metabolites.
    3. Any intentional misuse of prescribed medications, over-the-counter medications or other substances.
    4. Any possession, consumption of alcohol or presence in the body of alcohol during working hours or on Company premises.
  2. A written authorization from a physician should be provided for any prescribed medication that might affect test results.
  3. To enforce this policy, Remedy Energy Services reserves the right to request pre-employment testing, randomly test through urinalysis and or to conduct canine searches. Remedy Energy Services also reserves the right to conduct tests or searches given reasonable cause.
  4. Remedy personnel Subject to Testing:
    1. Personnel on call
    2. Field Supervisors
    3. Subcontractors in field positions
    4. Other consultants, employees or subcontractors that may from time to time work in a safety sensitive area.
  5. A Remedy supervisor who confronts a violation of this policy will immediately remove from the workplace any Remedy consultant or employee who appears to be impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  6. Any Remedy consultant or employee who refuses to comply with a request for a urine sample, will be immediately suspended. The facts surrounding his refusal will be forwarded to the President or his designate, and the employee may be further suspended or terminated forthwith - following an investigation.

Disciplinary Action

The Company may consider any violation of this policy to be flagrant and just cause for dismissal without notice. The Company will determine an appropriate course of action from one of the following:

  1. Suspension (with or without pay)
  2. Immediate dismissal
  3. Referral on humanitarian grounds to Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC) for advice or rehabilitation.


Remedy Energy Services Inc., views safety in the workplace as a serious responsibility. Any consultant or employee who feels he may have difficulty complying with this policy should seek help immediately to deal with the problem. Remedy Energy Services Inc., reserves the right to apply this policy to subcontractors, in the same manner as consultants and employees. Any questions or concerns with respect to this policy should be directed to the President or Vice President.