Careers : Why Remedy

At Remedy Energy Services Inc. we believe in operating our business in a professional and ethical manner. We believe in putting the interests of our clients before our own. In addition to this, at Remedy we pride ourselves on having the best team that not only believes in, but demonstrates our corporate philosophy and beliefs.

Before applying for employment, please read the following list and ask yourself if Remedy is the right place for you.

  • Do you consider yourself professional?
  • Do others consider you to be a professional?
  • Do you always act in a professional manner?
  • Do you believe that training is beneficial?
  • Do you always behave in an ethical manner?
  • Do you believe that mentoring is beneficial?
  • Do you believe that learning is a continual process?
  • Do you respect others regardless of rank/position?
  • Do you value the opinions of others?
  • Do you always respect industry regulations and adhere to them?
  • Do you project a sense of confidence to others?
  • Do you believe that any method of learning is beneficial?
  • Do you surpass expectations?
  • Do you want to join our team?