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Rig Evaluation

Remedy Energy Services has unique expertise in the area of rig selection and evaluation.
Mr. Jim Hamilton P.Eng has worked most of his career for Canadian drilling contractors in the area of rig design and operations and brings the benefit of that expertise to Remedy and our clients.

At Remedy we can:

  • Develop your detailed rig specifications for your "fit for purpose" rig.
  • Ensure your bid specs are detailed and clear if you are selecting a rig from existing inventory.
  • Evaluate your rig bids based on rig safety by design and efficiency and maintenance standards.

Some projects have such unique requirements or are large enough that a "fit for purpose" or custom designed rig is determined to be most cost effective. When properly executed, the collaborative efforts of an operator and contractor can result in a highly efficient and profitable rig configuration. The challenge of this "fit for purpose" design process is that of the operator requesting a rig that has very project specific capabilities and the contractor trying to design a rig that is not so specialized that it will be difficult to find other work once the project has been completed. Our personnel can offer a unique insight and facilitate a design process that helps overcome this challenge and keeps the project on schedule and on budget.

If you are selecting a rig from existing inventory Remedy can assist you with the development of technical specifications. Based upon your well designs and operating parameters we can help you specify equipment that is "as fit for purpose as practical". Bid specifications that contain appropriate and accurate detail result in receiving bids for appropriate and suitable equipment and services avoiding the cost and time of cancelled bids or resorting to single sourcing.

Remedy can also assist you in the evaluation of contractor's proposals. We can evaluate the capabilities of the proposed equipment as well as apply the appropriate weighting to reliability and safety aspects of the design. In addition to the standard commercial evaluation of the proposal, we can provide an assessment of relative efficiencies of the competing rigs. We can quickly assess different equipment types (draw-works, substructures etc) and ensure that the total package meets the requirements of the bid specification to give you best commercial value.


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Our Business Ethics

Our company's reputation for ethical practices is our most valued asset, and will be maintained throughout all of our endeavors. Remedy Energy Services Inc. will maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all of our business dealings.


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