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Regulatory Compliance

Our personnel guide your project through the regulatory approval process and ensure that all requirements are met within the required time frame.

At Remedy, we focus on the entire regulatory process, from the conception of the well to final drilling and completions reporting.

Regulatory approvals have become critical path items in drilling and completions operations schedules. We first identify all approvals that may be required and construct an appropriate timeline for the approval process. Where possible, we initiate processes concurrently. 

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Remedy can also work with your Land or Environmental service providers or we can provide these services. Either way, we will work very closely with these experts to ensure that the process is being pursued in an efficient manner. Our management of the regulatory process includes:

  • Preparation of EFR's and site assessments.
  • Preparation of OSE applications
  • Obtaining waste disposal permits
  • Obtaining water withdrawal permits
  • Industry and government notifications
  • Well licensing
  • Well drilling and completions operations notifications
  • Filing of AER and OGC applications and data reporting
  • Filing of abandonment & reclamation documentation

In Alberta, AER audit information packages are completed for each project and retained in the Client files. We have successfully passed all well licensing audits.

The timing and status of all regulatory reports and notifications are tracked in our project tracking system and are included in the weekly project updates provided to our Clients.

Keeping up to date on changes in the regulatory environment is an ongoing effort. We monitor the regulatory agencies for changes and can provide updates as a stand alone service or as part of a larger management package.

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Our Business Ethics

Our company's reputation for ethical practices is our most valued asset, and will be maintained throughout all of our endeavors. Remedy Energy Services Inc. will maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all of our business dealings.


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